Worcester Golf & Country Club


Club Policy on Dress and Etiquette

Worcester Golf & Country Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward-thinking dress policy which is appropriate for a modern-day members’ club, thus enabling members, their families, and guests to be able to play golf and enjoy their time in the Clubhouse, to feel comfortable and welcome, whilst at the same time respecting the standards expected in a private member’s golf club.

The principles leading to this revised policy for members, guests and visitors are to:

• Demonstrate respect for the Club

• Be compatible with the Rules of Golf

• Maintain and improve good standards

• Recognise changes in society and current dress fashion

• Be simple enough to manage effectively

Members and visitors are therefore made aware that the following are required standards that must be adhered to both on the golf course and in the Clubhouse:

Etiquette and Behaviour; as written in Section 1 of the Rules of Golf, the overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times. It is considered that this principle also applies whilst anywhere on club property.

On the Golf Course (including practice areas/putting greens); we do accept fashion changes very quickly and our policy is that any smart, recognised golf clothing and golf shoes with either soft or metal spikes or golf shoes with dimples should be worn. Tailored shorts (not cargo style) may be worn with coloured long socks or white short socks and men’s shirts must be tucked in.

In the Clubhouse; any smart casual clothing is acceptable although we draw the line at caps, flip flops, beach style shorts and obtrusive football/rugby shirts being worn. Smart denim wear is permitted within the Clubhouse and its immediate vicinity but only if they are clean, and are free of any fraying, holes, rips, or tears. Shorts are not permitted in the Dining Room. Dirty, muddy, soiled, or wet clothing is not permitted in the Clubhouse. Rackets wear and outdoor wear are only acceptable in the Casual Bar, Foyer and on the patio.

In addition, members and their guests are expected to observe any, more formal, dress code requirements at particular Club functions and presentations, details of which will be publicised fully beforehand. Sports equipment is not allowed in the Clubhouse, with the exception being Tennis equipment until bespoke storage is provided in the Tennis Pavilion. Changing of golf shoes is now permitted in the car park. Sports shoes must not be removed within the Clubhouse

Mobile Phones; all Mobile Phones/PDAs must be on silent at all times and, except in the case of genuine emergency, must not be used as a phone in the Clubhouse or on the Course.

Other uses – texting, emailing, Internet, diary, etc – are permitted providing the equipment is on silent.  Members, guests, and visitors are requested to be considerate of others when operating their mobile phones/PDAs in these modes.

It should be noted that it is our club and thus it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that their dress and behaviour complies with policy and that any members should be able to raise issues of non-compliance with the person concerned in an appropriate manner. The Professional, the Bar Supervisor and their staff, the General Manager, Board, and Committee members have authority to ensure compliance to this policy.

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