ten1Boughton Park Lawn Tennis Club, situated in the grounds of Worcester Golf & Country Club, celebrated 75 years in 2004. In 1928, four golf members who were also keen tennis players noticed that the walled garden would convert ideally into tennis courts. Funding came from the Club and the Company so that “En tout Cas” could build four red shale courts. The subscription was two guineas a year. A junior section was started in 1931 and the club became affiliated to the County Tennis Association in 1933. The affairs of the Tennis Section remained under the general umbrella of the Golf Committee and a wooden pavilion was built in 1937.

The Tennis Section formed its own Committee in 1945. After the ‘great fire’ of 1948 when the main clubhouse was almost totally destroyed, the club caterer of the time continued serving teas and refreshments in the cellars of the house. It was the first time tennis and golf players got to know one another. It was all very cosy and friendly in the gloom of the cellars” remarked a tennis member at the time.

In 1955, two of the shale courts were converted into ‘En tout Cas Gragreen’ all weather playing surface, for winter play. Then in 1962, three grass courts were laid over the wall from the hard courts. Trees and bushes had to be removed and the ground levelled. Tennis members did most of the work, one of them bringing a mechanical digger to do the job. Money was raised by many social events in members’ homes. The total cost was 550. 3s. 5d. The two-storey tennis pavilion that overlooks the grass courts and the hard courts was added in 1970. It was officially opened by Dorothy Little (Round), a former Wimbledon Champion and Mrs A M Pelham, President and Hon Secretary of the Worcestershire County LTA respectively. As with many vantagepoints in the Club, there is a splendid view of the Malvern Hills from the pavilion.

Floodlights were installed on court No 4 in 1973. They were on telegraph poles and not too successful! In 1978, the two all weather courts were resurfaced and floodlights (on telegraph poles again) were installed on court No 3.

1979 was the Jubilee Year for Boughton Park. A special buffet lunch was held with many members past and present attending, 110 in all.

The four hard courts became all weather courts, similar to how they look today in 1989; this is when the floodlights you see now were added. Mr Alan Mills, the Wimbledon Referee, officially opened the courts and then they were re-surfaced again recently, in 1999.

For many years the club was known as Worcester Golf & Country Club Tennis Section. However, in 2003, when tennis was merged with squash to form Racquets, the name changed to the current one.

There are up to 5 Mens, 3 Ladies and 3 Mixed teams currently competing in the County Leagues this winter. During the year, there are several tournaments and leagues organised within the club and one Knockout Competition for the Club Championships. Club social play times are on Club Play page.

Junior membership has increased dramatically over the last few years after funding from the County LTA has enabled local initiatives. Currently the club is seeking LTA ‘Key Status’ to support the regional efforts to improve tennis standards and find new, young talent.

NEW MEMBERS are always welcome, please come along to one of the social playing times, meet current members and found out more about the ‘jewel’ in the facilities of Worcester Golf & Country Club.

Membership Details

Contact : Phil Collins01905 420450

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