History of Seniors Events

Maine Bowl Presented 1975

Presented by Bob Maine in 1975 when the Seniors only met on a Wednesday. From 1975 until approximately 1988 /1990 no one could play in the Maine Bowl Competition without an invitation from Bob. One competitor, who was only in his 30s, was invited by Bob and played regularly. The bowl was played for in April and October until Bob handed over the organisation of the competition to the Seniors’ Section when Roy Moulder was secretary. From this point onwards the bowl was only played for in October and the competition is open to all senior members of the club.

 Seniors’ Open Presented 1987

First originated by Ken Hicks as a means of playing in other clubs opens by reciprocal arrangement. Not known where the Cup originated.

Maggs Vase Presented 1988

Presented by Les Maggs as a trophy for a mixed competition for the Ladies and the Seniors. Les asked for more association with the Ladies and donated glass wear as prizes for the winning pairs and continued to do so until 2008.

Jolly’s Tankards Presented 1995

Presented by Dick Jolly who wanted to initiate a winter foursomes competition. The rules were formulated by Dick and Mike Bullock and a substitute player was allowed in an attempt to maintain a sensible time scale for the winter competition. Dick Jolly promised a bottle of Scotch for each winner.

Jackson Cup

Presented by Harold Jackson when he was Seniors Vice Captain. Harold had fulfilled a lifelong ambition and visited the chrysanthemum show in Tokyo. On his way home he formed a relationship with a young lady from Bangkok and informed the Committee he was selling his house in Worcester and was intending to live in Thailand. He presented the cup before leaving the country and this was accepted for “ the captain who never was”.

Ken Cole Trophy

Trophy made by Ken Cole for the Ladies vs. the Senior’s match. Prior to this the match was played without a trophy being presented and it was suggested that one should be purchased. Bill Duncan, who was treasurer at the time, said that the seniors funds were insufficient for the purchase and Ken Cole said the he would make one. The first trophy produced was a wooden cup but Ken was unhappy with this and produced the trophy that is currently used.

Roy Moulder Trophy Presented 1999

Roy was the secretary of the Seniors’ Section for a number of years and the trophy was presented to the section in his memory.

Gladwin Cup Presented 2000

Presented by Brian Gladwin prior to his relocation to live in Tenerife.

Des Butler Cup Presented 2007

The Cup was given to the Senior’s Section by Des Butler as a trophy for the Past Officers Day. Des was a long term member of WGCC and a loyal supporter of Seniors’ Golf and continued to attend Seniors’ competitions, to check players scores, and Captains away days, long after his playing days stopped.

Club Senior’s Championship Presented 2007

The Hall of Fame Competition in aid of Cancer Research was first played at WGCC in 2006. Mike Fletcher, who was Seniors’ Captain at the time, proposed that a new competition, to identify the Club Seniors’ Champion for the year, should be initiated and run in conjunction with the Hall of Fame event. The Club Senior’s Championship was first played in 2007 and a Silver Quaich was presented as the trophy by Mike Fletcher and Ron Pilgrim

Charity Cup Presented 2013

The Committee decided to initiate a Charity Cup to replace the Hall of Fame and the first event was held in 2014 where a substantial sum was raised in aid of the Rory the Robot Appeal for prostate cancer.