Internal Competitions

Club Knockout Competitions

There are at least 4 weeks between each round of the knockout competitions which is plenty of time if the matches are arranged early.

Consequently, no extensions will be granted so please contact your opponents early to arrange your knockout matches.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the winner of each match to ensure his name is posted on the result sheet.

If the result of a match has not been posted by the closing date, it will be assumed the game has not been played and a coin will be tossed to determine the result.

Hogg Bowl Draw

Club Cup                                                                                Hallmark  Trophy Final Result

Chairman’s Cup Draw                                                             Scratch Medal Final Result

Clarke Cup Draw                                                                    Eclectic Final Result

Scratch Cup Draw                                                                  Club Championship

Norman Duggan Draw

Peter Reynolds Draw

Francis Marrian Draw

Veterans Cup Draw

Family Foursomes Draw



Sam Woodward Club Captain with Ben Woodward Club Champion and D'Arcy Hughes winner




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