Dress Code

Members and visitors are asked to dress in accordance with the spirit and tradition of the Club, recognising and respecting the comfort of others.

The dress code requires:
On the course – smart, recognised golf wear
Lounge after 18.00 and Dining Room at all times  – smart casual (jacket and tie not required)
The Club Captain and Vice Captain may vary these rules on specific occasions.
Specifically, the following clothing is not permitted:
On the course, applicable to players & if applicable, their caddies
Shorts unless tailored, no shorter than 4 inches above the knee and not below the knee
Shorts or trousers with external pockets to the front or side
Blue denim jeans
Combat or cargo trousers
Trouser leg bottoms tucked into socks (except under waterproof trousers)
Track suits or running vests
Football and rugby shirts or shirts with large letters or numbers
Visible braces
Trainers or similar footwear
(The above will be relaxed for spectators during formal club events)
Also not allowed for gentlemen members
Liner socks or short coloured socks below knee length when worn with shorts, (all
socks must have at least one inch showing above the Shoe)
Shirts outside trousers or shorts (at the waist)
Gentlemen are allowed to wear plus 2’s and 4’s, ladies are allowed to wear cropped trousers
In the clubhouse
Football, rugby or running shirts or shorts caps, hats and visors
Golf shoes and waterproofs – except for access to or in the Casual Bar
Lounge and Dining Room
In addition to the above, the following are not allowed:
Blue denim wear
Combat or cargo trousers
Shorts after 18.00 in the Lounge or any time in the Dining Room
For gentlemen, shoes or sandals without socks
In the case of doubt, the opinion of the Club Captain is final.